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TGIF! The work week is finally over! What are YOU going to do tonight?! There are SO MANY options in New York City! Should we go clubbing? To a rager? Belt our faces off at Karaoke? Let's think about it...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Episode 1: Kari and Olivia Chillax

It's been a rough week. Kari's been having audition issues, and Olivia is trying to figure out her future. They just need to relax...

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  1. How can I possibly be the first to comment? I am completely drawn in by the setting, with computers in hand. Tonight’s episode offers mothers insight into the Friday night shenanigans of their college-aged daughters. All quality theatrical effects are evident…beautiful actresses, intrigue and a surprise ending. What’s not to like about Friday night? I’m in love.